Community Club
Ladies Night Out - Martini Night
Thursday, Oct. 8th

Ladies Night Out
Martini Night
Featuring Martinis from
The Chocolate Bar - Cleveland
Thursday, October 29th 7:00 PM
at the Gates Mills Community House
Please choose a Martini from the following:
• Chocolate Salted Caramel
• Peanut Butter Cup
• Espresso
• Cherry Lemon Drop
• Pineapple
Bring your favorite martini glass from home.
Each martini comes individually prepared with the accompanying garnish packaged separately.
Additional martinis may be purchased for $10.95 each.
Place your order with Tara Fanelli: by Tuesday 10/27
Seating is limited.
Ladies… Social distancing will be enforced.
Tables will be set-up to ensure at least a six foot distance between us.
Masks are required unless you are seated and eating/drinking.
You must provide your own snack. This is a GMCC members only event.
Any questions, please contact Karee Broome: 440-251-2489,