Gates Mills

Chagrin Riverbank Stabilization Completed in the Village
Thursday, Nov. 14th

The Village of Gates Mills completed a bio-engineered bank stabilization project in April 2019 to address erosion on three privately owned parcels between Old Mill Road and Chagrin River Road. This section of the Chagrin River is designated State Scenic and supports recreational fishing; however, upstream development contributes to increased stormwater runoff and bank destabilization.  The excessively eroding bank was a major source of sediment to the Chagrin River. Prior to restoration, water runoff from rainstorms rose into the floodplain and further eroded the riverbank as the water receded into the stream channel. The riverbank lacked deep-rooted native plants to hold soil and sediment in place. The stabilization project is helping to minimize this erosion. The construction team installed toe stone protection and a series of seven short bendway weirs on approximately 400 linear feet of riverbank and planted native vegetation along 7,500 square feet of the stream to stabilize the banks, reduce scour and filter out pollutants.

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