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April 2014 Pink Sheet Article
Monday, Mar. 31st

The National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is scheduled for April 26th.  Since 2010, this nationwide initiative has collected 3.4 million pounds (1,733 tons) of unneeded medications, helping to prevent the diversion, misuse and abuse of these drugs.  This event provides a means of disposing of prescription drugs in a safe, convenient and responsible manner. Once again, Gates Mills Police will be participating in the event.

On April 26th, between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm, simply bring your unwanted or expired prescription drugs to the Town Hall. Detective Michael Day will be on hand to receive and safely dispose of your items. Please note that liquids, needles and crèmes cannot be accepted.  Now is the time to dispose of those unwanted medications from your medicine cabinets, bedside tables and kitchen drawers.

Many of you might be aware that Ohio is experiencing a resurgence of heroin addiction.  In Cuyahoga County, the Medical Examiner reports that heroin claimed the lives of over 183 people in 2013, and that number is expected to be near 200 by the time the Examiner’s final report is released. These deaths are equally split between the city and the suburbs.  Heroin addiction is frequently tied to pill progression from prescription pain killers.

The Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) of Cuyahoga County provides this description of a heroin user in 2014:

“The image of a heroin addict lying in a filthy, dark alley is obsolete.  Today, the addict could be 12-17 years old, play video games, appear smart, stylish and bear none of the common traces of heroin use, such as needle marks on his or her arm.  The addict could also be a middle-aged white man with a job and family which can function next to normal and keep his use hidden, or even a young woman between ages 18 to 25.  These images have changed because heroin is available in various forms that are easier to consume, more affordable and easier to obtain.  A person who might think twice about putting a needle in his or her arm may more readily smoke or sniff the same drug…”

Heroin addiction knows no boundaries.  If you suspect a friend or loved one is using heroin, be bold and ask the difficult questions.  Information and help regarding heroin addiction is available at www.adamhscc.org, or (216) 623-6888.

Until next month – Proud to Serve…Sworn to Protect

Yours in Service,

Ronald L. Whitmer

Chief of Police

(440) 423-4405 ext. 132


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