Finance Department

Village Finance Department

The Clerk, Treasurer, Finance Administrator, and the Assistant Treasurer handle all of the Village's finances.

The Clerk gives notice of and attends all meetings of Council, keeps a record of its proceedings, and authenticates all Ordinances, Resolutions, records, and documents. The Treasurer invests the Village's funds and issues bank notes. The Clerk in cooperation with the Treasurer keeps the books, receives and records all receipts, pays the bills including payroll, assists in preparing budgets and appropriations, and prepares any related reports required or requested. Detailed Financial Statements are prepared monthly and distributed to the Administration and Council.

The Clerk and Treasurer receive no compensation for performing their duties. The duties are performed under their guidance and responsibility by the Finance Administrator who is paid.

Representatives of the Ohio Auditor of State audit the annual State Financial Reports every two years. Copies of these audit reports are available on the auditor's site at


Finance Administrator Janet Mulh Send Email
Income Tax Administrator Robert S. Reitman
Assistant Tax Administrator Janet Mulh Send Email
Treasurer Dixon Morgan, Jr. Send Email
Clerk Beth DeCapite Send Email
Town Hall Coordinator Jean Misch Send Email