Police Department

Mission Statement

The Gates Mills Police Department is committed to providing the highest level of public service and safety to ensure the quality of life for all Village residents. It is our commitment to safeguard the lives and property of everyone who resides in or passes through the Village by the professional and impartial delivery of police services. We shall accomplish this organizational philosophy, in partnership with the community, by adhering to the following core values:

INTEGRITY: We are committed to the highest degree of ethical standards and shall conduct ourselves with honesty and truthfulness, in all that we say and do, both professionally and personally.

RESPECT: We are committed to treating all people in a courteous, fair, dignified and impartial manner.

PRIDE: We are committed to the highest degree of professional standards and conduct through the development of highly trained and motivated employees.

REVERENCE FOR THE LAW: We are committed to obeying, supporting and enforcing the laws and statutes with equality and compassion and will not tolerate any abuse of this authority.


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