Comprehensive (Master) Plan

Gates Mills 10 Year Plan
This year the village is executing an exciting and important new effort to develop our first comprehensive plan. This plan aims to gather feedback from the community and provide ideas for the future, ensuring we remain a beautiful and wonderful place to live for decades to come. It will explore what residents love about Gates Mills, as well as potential areas for improvement or new services and amenities that can help us attract future residents.

The village has contracted with CT Consultants, a planning firm based in Cleveland, to help us through this year-long process. But what will really power this effort is feedback and support from villagers like yourself.

***Correction to the April, Pink Sheet article***

The April Pink Sheet article regarding the Comprehensive Plan mistakenly reported under the "Getting Your Perspective" section that, "In April, every adult resident will receive a survey where you can share your perspectives."  The surveys will actually be sent in late spring.

Project Timeline:

Current Timeline for the First Half of 2022


Latest Resources:

VIDEO: Gates Mills' Outside Perspectives Team Zoom Meeting – Feb. 10, 2022

VIDEO: Village Comprehensive Plan, "Outside Perspectives" Team, Zoom Meeting – Jan. 13, 2022

Meeting Minutes from Council Workshop Presentation from CT Consultants – Dec. 11, 2021

Project Overview - Master Planning Communication - November 2021 v60-KH comments and signatures v.7.pdf  – November 19, 2021


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