Fire Department

Fire Safety Education
Childrens Program

The Fire Department school age program is designed to educate children through the local schools and summer camps about fire safety issues and how to better prepare themselves and their families in case of an emergency. Students are instructed an a wide variety of topics including how and when to use 911, Get Out - Stay Out, Stop - Drop - Roll, and escape plans.

Children participate in class exercises, which include practicing Stop - Drop - Roll, crawling under smoke, and outfitting a firefighter in protective clothing. Students also have the opportunity to see the apparatus and equipment used by the department and its firefighters.

To schedule school age Fire Safety Education contact Chief Tom Majeski at (440) 423-1580.

Groups and Organizations Program

The Fire Department also offers fire safety education for groups and organizations. Programs include but are not limited to fire safety education and fire extinguisher training. These classes are designed to educate adults in topics such as fire behavior, different types of extinguishers, and the proper use of a fire extinguisher.

Participants of the fire extinguisher training program are instructed in the PULL - AIM - SQUEEZE - SWEEP (P.A.S.S.) method of using a fire extinguisher. In the class individuals have the opportunity to use a fire extinguisher on a controlled fire with the help of the instructor.

Groups interested in scheduling a fire extinguisher training program should contact Chief Tom Majeski at (440) 423-1580.