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Village Income Tax

The Mayor with the approval of Council annually appoints the Village Tax Administrator. It is the Administrator's duty to oversee the collections of the Village income tax for the Village and to enforce the Village tax ordinances. The Tax Administrator has retained Central Collection Agency (CCA) to perform these functions. Generally taxpayers deal directly with CCA. The Tax Administrator is involved directly when taxpayers do not file or a dispute arises.

All Gates Mills residents who are 18 years and older are subject to local income tax and are required to file a CCA (Central Collection Agency) individual income tax return or an exemption certificate annually by April 15. Generally Taxable Income is income from wages, salaries, commission, profit from rents, profit from business or profession, fees, prizes and awards.

The tax rate is 1%. Village residents receive a credit up to ½ percent for municipal income tax paid to other municipalities. For example, a resident who works in a municipality where the tax rate is 1% or greater owes .5% income tax to the Village.

Forms and questions should be referred directly to CCA at (216) 664-2083, Monday through Friday during normal business hours, or go to the CCA Tax Agency site at for more information and forms.

Click here to see the Village Codified Ordinances regarding Village income tax.


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