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News Article - Deer Hunting Permit (Culling) Forms

Deer bow hunting permit (culling) forms for the 2023/24 Hunting Season are available on-line and in the Town Hall Vestibule.

The 2023-24 hunting season runs September 30, 2023-February 4, 2024.

On-line forms can be accessed below.  Please print the forms and return all completed forms with the $25.00 application fee, (checks payable to the Village of Gates Mills), to:

News Article - SCAMO - How to recognize and spot SCAMS

Couldnt make the presentation to play SCAMO?

Click here to watch on the Village YouTube Channel

Join us for "SCAMO", a bingo-based game that helps players learn about scams in a fun, familiar format.

As you play, you will get more information about scams and scam-fighting strategies from our Scam Squad partners at the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs.


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